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Information has never been so accessible. But the Internet created an ocean of knowledge, sometimes contradictory.

We are not fortune tellers : we spend our days reading news, analyzing millions of data points, and tracking emerging industries, trends and strategies before they pop to give you actionable insights.

Know how to act on a rapidly changing world before anyone else.

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Our era is forcing us to make transitions in all areas and entrepreneurs are a central piece to build a brighter future.

With the Internet, startup costs and barriers to entry are lower than ever before. But great insights are still for those for those who have time, network and the best sources.

We find product market fit for you, save you thousands of hour of research and inspire you with the best practices.

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✔︎ Weekly newsletter : each Friday, get the latest signals and opportunities ready to pop, strategies, unconventional ideas, in-depth reports, and the latest and exciting business resources.

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Gastronomy for thoughts

Exclusive Research
Our team is made of top-tier analysts and entrepreneurs. They’ll give you insights you’ll never find anywhere else.
Concise and precise
Our newsletters are dense but comes with an easy-to-read format and a simple tone. You’ll save time.
Actionable insights
we show you immediately how you can capitalize on the trends we expose.
Private community
Discuss with our team and find your next partner in our growing community.
We gather data from millions of data points (Google, Amazon, Pinterest, TikTok…) to expose trends before they explodes.
See how others do and get unconventional ideas as a source of inspiration.

What our members say

Oussama Ammar
Co-founder | The Family
"No predictions, Magma is based on real data. Hyper useful to discover new markets, hidden trends and investments, and big opportunities. So impactful."
Jean de la Rochebrochard
Managing Partner | Kima Ventures (Xavier Niel)
"It's in the Top 3 of the newsletters I can't wait to read."
Guillaume Lestrade
Co-founder | Meero, Leeto, Tropee
"The quality of the insights is impressive. Few places bring together ideas, innovators and opportunities that can change your life"
Raphaele Leyendecker
COO | Pathfinder (digital ventures builder)
"Everyone should read this just to exercice their business muscle and boost their creativity. I found various business ideas that I launched with my studio."

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